I would like to invite you to join me on my ‘Exploring Yoga Day’, at the beautiful location of Quinta da Luz ( , in the Serra da Estrela, Central Portugal, on Saturday 24th June between 10-5. 

This day is suitable for anyone who has an interest in Yoga and would like to delve a little deeper into Yoga as a lifestyle, as opposed to just an occasional or weekly class.  

As well as practising asanas and learning about their benefits, we will incorporate some partner Yoga which is a recent addition to my regular class. We will be delving a little deeper into certain groups of asanas, for example balances, to increase focus and concentration. You will get a chance to learn different breathing techniques(pranayama and their benefits). For example, there is a great and simple breathing technique called Sheetali, which can greatly help you handle the Summer heat! You will learn more about hand mudras ( and further understand the significance and importance of chanting AUM, plus have 2 sessions of the beautiful practice of Yoga Nidra (click here to understand more about Yoga Nidra and for a free session –

We will all bring something to share for a nutritious vegetarian lunch.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle.

The day will mostly be spent in the living room of the main house so it will be very cool, although there will be opportunities to enjoy the garden and views!

The cost is €30 but I am open to a part exchange if that is a problem for you.

I look forward to spending the day with you!