About Quinta da Luz

An essential part in achieving the inner peace and calm which we all seek is to spend time in Nature, which is why I chose the stunning location of Quinta da Luz in the Portuguese mountains, to host these retreats.

Quinta Da Luz has been created from the granite stones of a forester’s watch tower to provide a home and location for you to rest and revitalise. A pergola has been built in the beautiful garden to practice asanas and meditation and there is also the beautiful garden room with wood burner for cooler months, with a view over the Zen garden.

Within the almost one hectare of land, the garden and horta (vegetable growing) areas have been established on each of the seven terraces. In the garden area, a stone circle has been created with the granite posts used originally to support vines, and a series of seven linked ponds created to represent the flow through the seven prime chakras. There is also a labyrinth, as well as the many sitting areas around the quinta, which will provide you with the perfect spot to enjoy your meal, or a quiet moment’s reflection.

Whether through practising asanas, watching the never ending changes on the Serra or simply listening to the tinkle of water at one of the seven chakra ponds you will find inner peace here. For more information visit the Quinta da Luz web site.